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Siddhant Bhosle’s acoustic rendition of Din Aur Raatein with Nikhita Gandhi is soulful and soothing: Score Indie Reviews

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Nearly three months back, singer-songwriter Siddhant Bhosle had released
his soulful love song Din Aur Raatein. Now, he’s back with an official
acoustic version of this track. Joining him is renowned Bollywood playback
singer and indie artist Nikhita Gandhi.

The acoustic rendition captures the sweet essence of the original but
somehow feels more intimate, thanks to Bhosle’s controlled vocals and
gentle acoustic fingerpicking on the guitar. The melody is simple and
instantly soothing to the ears. Nikhita Gandhi’s guest verses add more
diversity to the track as she efficiently switches between Hindi and English.
Having established her dominance in the world of playback singing, she’s
emerging fully as a non-film musician too with singles like this.

In terms of lyrical content, the love ballad doesn’t offer many fresh themes
but still adds enough romantic flair overall. After all, the lyrics do come from a personal space as Bhosle apparently wrote the song while ‘adapting to the new normal’ ever since the long series of lockdowns and quarantines
began this year. He feels that the feelings he writes on are universal and
truly so.

As mentioned before, the song’s themes aren’t new but still their simple
nature have a universal element to them and the singer can easily connect
with his listeners this way. A great move for his indie career, Bhosle’s
acoustic version also sounds like a mellow Bollywood romance song
adding to his versatility. To put it in a nutshell, Din Aur Raatein (Acoustic) is
the quintessential love song of this fall season and should be on your
playlist if you wish to listen to something that’s simple yet soothing.

Verdict: Siddhant Bhosle’s acoustic collaboration with Nikhita Gandhi brims
with wholesome emotion and love.

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