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Teri Yaadein finds Shachi Pathak with a beautifully vulnerable sound: Score Indie Reviews

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After her delightful EP Mann Tarang, Shachi Pathak‘s new single Teri Yaadein brings back the songstress’s introspective and melodic musings on love and life. In this track, she croons about an old lover and how she craves his company again.

The keys-driven music highlights her vocals in a bittersweet tone, making it perfect for easy listening. Pathak has perfect control over her voice as she stretches some parts with seemingly no effort. 

The lyrics of Teri Yaadein might not seem like the freshest wordings in indie pop right now, but it’s the smooth production and vocals that make it good enough for a song to reminiscence about a relationship from the past. The longing of a precious lover from the past might be relatable for some, who are going through such a loss themselves. The listener can also wonder about the story behind the song. Did this so-called ‘lost love’ end things on mutual terms? Or was their parting of ways painful? The answers to such questions are left open for interpretation. Despite these thoughts, the present-day withdrawal of the singer and her memories from the past is perfectly captured. 

As compared to her aforementioned EP’s songs, the artist’s approach is slightly different in this one. Rather than her lo-fi-like, breezy approach, Teri Yaadein is more straightforward and her vocals stand out more than the music. But that again works in her favor and only goes on to show her versatility. Rather than sticking to one style, she seems to be trying out different ranges.

Verdict: A comforting yet mellow take on musing about an old flame. 

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