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Utsavi Jha Amsterdam/Thousand Miles Will Make You Want to Travel: Score Indie Reviews

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Utsavi Jha is a perpetual seeker of adventure and experiences and a collector of stories and memories. She is an extremely inquisitive person who always wants to learn and do something new. That nature has helped Utsavi Jha pick up languages like French and Spanish, volunteer at many NGOs, pursue music, learn instruments, backpack solo across many countries, work jobs, immerse in songwriting, and most importantly find and tell stories.

Utsavi Jha discovered liberation and self sufficiency at the age of 20 itself. The future songstress has been eating alone in cafés, reading alone in bookstores and watching movies alone in cinema halls for some time now. No, this isn’t because she is a living-breathing “forever alone” meme, she does these things because she was scared of doing these things in the past. She also started solo travel at the age of 21– cultural immersion program in France at 21, teaching English in Spain at 22, solo expedition through Cambodia at 23.

Yet again, these endeavours were fuelled by the sense of fear and aspersion towards doing them. Driving down the same path of doing everything she was afraid to do, Utsavi Jha also started a YouTube channel at 22. Utsavi Jha is going to be the person putting on different hats, shapeshifting through different roles in life, checking-off bucket lists and shutting off her discerning mind by conquering one fear at a time. The latest result of that journey is her track “Amsterdam/Thousand Miles”, and that’s the track we are reviewing here.

“Amsterdam/Thousand Miles” is a song about the beautiful Dutch capital city. It was the first city that Utsavi Jha travelled to as a solo backpacker. Her trip to Amsterdam ignited her passion for travel and she has been travelling ever since. Her time on the road has given her valuable life experiences and made her a better person. “Amsterdam/Thousand Miles” has been written based on Utsavi Jha’s authentic travel experiences and she hopes to make her listeners reminisce about their favourite travel experiences through this track. Flooding our hearts with memories of our favourite trips is even more important now, as travelling is very difficult. 

“Amsterdam/Thousand Miles” has many wonderful musical qualities and the minimalist music arrangement suits the song’s theme quite well. Utsavi Jha has a distinctive and attractive vocal tone, and the minimalist instrumental accompaniment makes her voice shine even more. The lyrics are quite interesting and come straight from Utsavi Jha’s heart. 

“Amsterdam/Thousand Miles” is a very tuneful song and it will definitely make you want to travel, most likely to Amsterdam. Goede reis!

Verdict: Straight from the heart.

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