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Wake Me Up by Subhi is an uplifting tune on overcoming one’s fears: Score Indie Reviews

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With every new single, Subhi getting more and more versatile, boasting her lyrical and vocal skills in both Hindi and English. Her latest track Wake Me Up is an English number with some dramatic and atmospheric production by Taylor Sparks.

The singer (who usually is based in Mumbai and Chicago) weaves a song that’s slightly different from her usual feel-good narrative. Wake Me Up delves into the natural fears that we humans possess, and how we tend to get overly conscious of our reputation and social perceptions But sometimes, waking out of one’s insecurities might be the only solution to overcome these fears. The song seems pretty timely and goes well with recent releases of the pandemic season, which seem to offer hope in some way or the other. 

Wake Me Up definitely offers a look inside the deeper and darker corners of the vocalist’s mind. And yet at the same time, it evokes optimism making for a good-enough atmospheric listening session. Taylor Sparks’ production suits the personal and philosophical overtones, especially in the chorus that builds up pretty well from a mellow verse. 

In the end, the song is simply and elegantly written, highly dramatic, adorned with Subhi’s husky vocals. In all of her recent discography so far, she seems to pick up some common themes from life and gives them her own spin. Wake Me Up is similarly no exception. She’s definitely proving to be one of the most transient singer-songwriters in the diaspora’s musical scene right no. Here’s hoping that she carves a niche of her own.

Verdict: Wake Me Up perfectly balances a somewhat mellow sound with everlasting themes of hope. 

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