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Shachi Pathak’s EP Mann Tarang makes for essential listening for Indian lo-fi fans: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from the first track to the last one, singer-songwriter Shachi Pathak’s new EP Mann Tarang is a surreal, and meditative trip into the songstress’s emotions with some highly original lo-fi vibes. Her phased-out, indiepop vocals are instantly catchy and the chillwave-like production by Mo Beats, Vocirus, Ineedasynth, and Capsctrl, adorns the songs with layers of calmness making it a perfect pick for a late-night listening session.

Each song is basically a love song exploring the different dimensions of the singer’s love for her beloved. Adaayein and Aasman are very poetic in this regard. The tracks Ratiyaan and Kareeb similarly evoke simple yet dreamy emotions in Pathak’s heartfelt lyrics about unconditional love. In terms of production, each song is marked by the aforementioned dreamy feels but the third track Kareeb feels like a standout track with Vocirus’s dramatic and upbeat backing instrumentals.

Lofi-inspired indie music is slowly making its way in India with many singers trying their bit at the music style and its related sub-genres, mostly in English. Shachi Pathak’s four-track compilation shows a lot of scope for lo-fi/chillwave to be explored in Hindi music too. And then of course, as mentioned before, a big credit for the EP’s originality goes to each of the producers involved. In fact, the production makes the songs charter a synth-pop territory too with Kareeb and Aasman almost sounding like the Indian equivalent of discography by musical projects like Years and Years and Oh Wonder.

Listen to Pathak’s EP if you need something soothing and something fresh in the indie scene. The team behind Mann Tarang display great potential for their future musical ventures.

Verdict: Shachi Pathak and a team of four producers craft dreamy vibes, with lo-fi and synth-pop sounds in a wildly original EP.

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