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Aaron Aamir and Hrishikesh Sonar craft a peppy romantic banger with Dil Mera: Score Indie Reviews

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DJ Aaron Aamir plays around with some melodic keys and beats while featured vocalist Hrishikesh Sonar sings about loving someone he’s
infatuated on, in Aamir’s first Hindi track Dil Mera. While it’s a typical
electronic track, the song resonates with the vibe of a typical, warm
acoustic college love song.

All in all, Dil Mera is a pretty catchy single with Aamir’s electronica building up towards the hook not breaking away with the simplistic romantic essence of the song. However, if there’s one aspect that Dil Mera seems to lack in is its writing. The lyrics sound pretty dated, almost like a stereotypical Bollywood love song, with the singer evoking facts like “all his heartbeats beat for his ladylove”. After all, many a love song can be poetic in nature but Dil Mera tends to get a tad bit melodramatic with its confessionals of love.

That being said, there’s still a certain youthfulness in Sonar’s voice which blends well with Aamir’s fine production

Verdict: Dil Mera experiments with a familiar formula leading to a feel-
good electronic romantic track.

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