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Abdon Mech – Again is Ravishing: Score Indie Reviews

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Abdon Mech is a 23 year old singer/songwriter from the picturesque village of Thakehu, Dimapur, Nagaland. The amazing artist is also a student of English literature. Over the last few years, Abdon Mech has become a popular name in the indie music scene of Nagaland and he has performed in all the major festivals and shows in the state. Surprisingly, he didn’t grow up wanting to be a musician, dreaming of being an athlete instead.

It’s even more surprising when you find out that his parents are musicians and his sister is a student of music as well. Thankfully for all of our eardrums, Abdon Mech was finally bitten by the music bug in college and started taking it seriously. His church gave him the initial platform and eventually catapulted him into becoming one of the rising stars of the incredible Indie music scene in the North East. Inspired by artists such as Bruno Major, John Mayer, Paul Anka and Young The Giant, Abdon Mech is known for his easy going vocals and straightforward songwriting. The young and talented artist has released his debut single “Again” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“Again” serves as a reflection on the new reality and how it has changed the world around us. Abdon Mech lives vicariously through the experiences of the different sections of society and sings about how the pandemic has affected them. The track kicks off with a beautifully strummed acoustic intro before the sweet and soulful voice of Abdon Mech arrives on the scene. The vocals and the guitars are beautifully harmonized to create a wonderful atmosphere for the listeners.

The vocal melody is stunningly tuneful in how it’s sung. But it’s even more stunning when you hear what Abdon Mech is singing. Some people are great poets, some are great singers, Abdon Mech happens to be both. His beautifully chosen words aren’t only deep and heartwarming, they are also beautifully phrased in a musical sense. This incredible confluence is at the heart of “Again”, and it’s a heart that beats incessantly.

Rhythmically, “Again” is quite subtle. There’s no dominant beat or hook that you can pinpoint, everything just magically floats along in the right direction. Of course, that’s not actually a result of magic, but one of smart musicality. “Again” does feel magical though, there’s no doubt about that. The acoustic guitar parts are beautifully layered and harmonized to give Abdon Mech’s voice the musical accompaniment it deserves in this song. The track also features a short and sweet guitar solo which is just about perfect in every single way. Duration, phrasing, everything is spot on. 

There are a lot of people fighting the pandemic at the frontline, this song is a wonderful tribute to them, and a great gift for everyone who likes music in general. Enjoy!

Verdict: You will play this again, and again (to infinity and beyond).

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