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Seedhe Maut, Sez On The Beat, and Foreign Beggars’ No Enema is an ambitious crossover between underground heavyweights: Score Indie Reviews

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Delhi hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut (comprising of Calm and Encore ABJ) has had an eventful 2020, dropping a slew of singles while iconic Delhi-based producer Sez On The Beat too has been involved in versatile projects with his artist collective/label The MVMNT. The frequent collaborators joined forces to kick off 2021 with a new collaboration titled No Enema, which also features significant verses from the cult UK hip-hop group Foreign Beggars. 

The track is a fiery bar-fest, to say the least, featuring Encore, Calm, PA4VN (aka Orifice Vulgatron), and the late Metropolis (No Enema marking his final performance). A haunting atmosphere is set in with Sez’s UK-inspired production as Calm starts off with a descriptive verse unleashing his storytelling prowess with even the most mundane of situations. 

Thereon, Encore ABJ, and the two Foreign Beggars rappers take the mic to drop their wide array of pop-culture references. PA4VN’s final verse also hints at the Above The Habitat. The reference is to the venue that hosted a secret underground show where both hip-hop groups had performed after recording No Enema for over ten days. 

For the ones who might find the wordplay to be too subliminal, the listeners can still get energised with Encore’s extremely catchy chrous. All in all, it might not be these artists’ mos profound track but it definitely unleashes their skills that are unmatched in their respective music scenes. If one is familiar with the discography of Seedhe Maut and Foreign Beggars, it’s easy to see that the MCs touched upon an entirely new flow. But the beauty that lies underneath most of Seedhe Maut’s releases (as well as PA4VN’s last few diverse tracks) is that they still never end up sounding derivative. 

The Indian hip-hop scene is booming with talent from all over but these artists tend to sound a tad bit monotonous once they start reaching the top of the game. Seedhe Maut on the other hand has been pretty consistent. And when it comes to Sez as a producer, he’s of course, the perfect pick for such ambitious collaborations, given his past experience with a wide range of music subgenres. All in all, No Enema is a perfect track to be played for live audiences and would also widen the reach of Foreign Beggars for the mainstream Indian listeners who weren’t acquainted with their work before. 

Verdict: No Enema is an adrenaline-fueled anthem, and arguably one of the finer Indian/foreign collaborations. 

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