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Sruthi Dhulipala and Shruthi Iyer’s Tedhi Zindagi celebrates new beginnings in life: Score Indie Reviews

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Sruthi Dhulipala’s previous release Captive dealt with overcoming emotions of fear that can enslave our thoughts. Her new single Tedhi Zindagi is comparatively more playful as it finds the singer and featured guest Shruthi Iyer accepting new experiences that life throws at our doorstep.As touched upon in the lyrics, this new experience can be moving to a new home or embarking on a new journey.

These events might be too drastic for us but if we think from an optimistic mindset, these new adventures might just influence us in unexpectedly positive ways. Hence, Tedhi Zindagi (that can be roughly translated to English as an “inverted/crooked life”) celebrates the love of life no matter what.As mentioned before, it’s an interesting departure from tone for Dhulipala while both her and Iyer boast of an increasingly feel-good vocal range that exemplifies their music chemistry. 

Keshav Dhar’s production is simplistic and suits a track with an easygoing vibe as Tedhi Zindagi. Lyrically too, the simple-minded nature works good enough and it carries enough optimistic to instantly cheer up listeners. A music video features both singers gleefully wandering in the vicinity of San Francisco. All through the verses, playful metaphors are used that might signify the lived experiences of those who often migrate to new cities or countries (owing to professional or educational commitments).

For instance, the first verse explores a “naya ghar, naya safar” (new home, new journey), the challenges of which can be faced by accepting bittersweet realities and fighting little fears. A line in particular towards the letter part is “kachi pakki roti sek kar”. This roughly implies that this newfound life can have its own set of tasks that we would succeed at after a few tries, just like how anyone would initially struggle a bit to cook a perfect roti on their own. And making a roti alone in a new home might be an experience shared by many an Indian migrant. In such small, fun-filled ways Tedhi Zindagi gets very relatable. 

Verdict: A playful amalgamation of new emotions and new experiences.

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