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Anirudh Deshmukh’s Besabriyaan is an open-ended take on falling out of love and accepting the harsh truths: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Anirudh Deshmukh has just released his debut Besabriyaan. Like many indie-pop releases, this is an easy-sounding, melodic track that dwells on love and falling out of it.  Some relationships are meant to be, and many heartfelt love songs bear testimony to that fact. However, Besabriyan dwells on the relationships that unfortunately have a limited shelf life. 

If the lyrics don’t give it away, a cute-looking lyric video explains the premise of the song. As Deshmukh’s lyrics appear on the screen, two characters appear midway with placards conveying their text messages. The partners tell each other how they plan to move on after their split. One suggests a friendship while the other partner finds it difficult to adjust to this equation, saying, ‘I guess I’ll always love you’.

Well, it’s sad for the latter as he would have to move on in life, whether he likes it or not. But rather than ending the ‘500 Days of Summer-like’ narrative on a definite end, the video ends on an open-ended note, leaving the conversation between the two ex-lovers on a cliffhanger. According to the artist, this was an intentional choice as Besabriyaan is a part of a planned trilogy of songs, with the sequels providing closure to this story.

Musically speaking, the production and arrangement are simple and soothing, perfect for a quick listen. The lyrical elements might not sound the most original but are still poetic enough to convey Anirudh Deshmukh’s perspective. 

Furthermore, rather than delving on toxic and obsessive takes on heartbreak, the track presents a more understanding viewpoint (or at least shows that the singer is trying to be understanding in his situation). In that sense itself, Besabriyaan is a fresh attempt at a song that tries to provide closure to a failed relationship. In the end, one would have to wait for Deshmukh’s future releases to get a fuller idea of his thematic songwriting. For a debut alone, his ambient vocals provide enough promise.

Verdict: An interesting take on finding meaning out of heartbreak, thankfully with less toxicity. 

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