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Sanjana Devarajan’s Hindi debut Bhool is a light-headed take on on-and-off relationships: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based singer-songwriter Sanjana Devarajan, 22, is best known for her sharp-witted lyrics and catchy melodies. Inspired by bands like The Script, Imagine Dragons and artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran – Sanjana’s music is a blend of unique and familiar. She is back with her latest track “Bhool” and that’s what we are reviewing here. 

“Bhool” is an honest apology. The word ‘bhool’ has two meanings – ‘mistake’ and ‘forget’. The essence of this song lies in the main line, ‘Bhool thi woh, bhool bhi jaa ab’, which means – ‘It was a mistake, please forget it now?’ Let’s make one thing clear from the get go, this song isn’t a mistake, nor is it forgettable by any means.

Musically, “Bhool” is an acoustic track that is oozing with a cool 90s vibe. Sanjana Devarajan has written and sung the song while Mayur Jumani has handled production duties. All of the musical elements are treated and arranged with very subtle acoustic sounds and voicings, and judicious use of extremely catchy piano melodies. The song provides a great insight into the musical journey of Sanjana Devarajan. It’s as if she has gathered everything she has learnt on the journey and focused it here, such is the poise of her performance and the deftness with which she infuses soul and character into “Bhool”.

Equally catchy and artistic, “Bhool” is the work of a wonderful musician with instinctive musical gifts, rising to such heights on this occasion that would make any indie music fan giddy. Sanjana Devarajan doesn’t only write amazing harmonies, she knows how to arrange them for maximum impact, and how to perform with tension and release, without an ounce of cheesiness or overstatement. The end result is a song that is tuneful enough for any time of day and smart enough to appeal to listeners well beyond genre boundaries.

“Bhool” is a fantastically catchy song with a welcome dose of freshness that elevates it well above the rest of the pack. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it out of your playlist.

Verdict: Nostalgic yet fresh

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