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Vaishnavi Adiga and Sriram Ravishankar – Oh Snehave: Score Indie Reviews

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Vaishnavi Adiga is a Mumbai based singer-songwriter who is originally from Bangalore. She considers her voice to be her instrument and her words as her medium. She has collaborated with singer/music producer Sriram Ravishankar for her deeply personal track “Oh Snehave” and that’s what we’re reviewing here.

Some songs are so close to your heart, that it is frightening to share with the world. Ever since “Oh Snehave” was written and composed by Vaishnavi Adiga as an outpouring of love towards her deceased pet pug, Joy, she kept the song away from everybody else’s ears. Her pain of losing was intensified every time she heard this song. It was partially caused by the usual human behaviour of holding on to pain and not letting it go. After years of staying with this song, Vaishnavi Adiga has finally decided to share this offering with everyone and she hopes that this song will give everyone the courage to let go of painful events in our lives. 

Vaishnavi Adiga has done a great job of creating a big, almost cinematic atmosphere by using just a modest number of musical elements. The song hits a lot harder than the minimalist instrumentation might suggest otherwise. Sriram Ravishankar’s emotionally charged vocal delivery carries enormous weight and you will be able to feel the sheer pain enunciated in the song. 

“Oh Snehave” is an exceptionally well written song and both Vaishnavi Adiga and Sriram Ravishankar are in top notch form. The simple yet strong storytelling takes the song into an epic, spine-tingling realm with a minimalist musical arrangement which works towards building an atmosphere for the track, rather than just playing notes for a melody. 

“Oh Snehave” is an emotionally charged, deeply moving track which will resonate with everyone who has suffered any serious personal loss. The beautifully drawn and animated music video makes the song’s message even more heartfelt. Make sure that you listen to the song and watch it.

Verdict: Tear jerker.

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