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Pyaar Hai Finds Akshit Dhall Daydreaming About An Innocent Notion Of Love: Score Indie Reviews

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Indiepop singer-songwriter Akshit Dhall is carving a niche for himself, a niche of songs with moving lyrics on moving themes. Be it his 2020 release Home or his latest single Pyaar Hai, a mellow reminiscent tone is omnipresent in his tracks that maybe signal this new age of pandemic-induced melancholia that many new-age independent singers are living in.

Home was an English track about moving to a new city, a bittersweet tribute to the old memories he bids adieu to and the new memories he creates. While different in terms of lyrics, Pyaar Hai builds on similar tones and finds exploring a certain kind of love that hasn’t blossomed yet.

This time exploring his lyrical element in Hindi, Pyaar Hai is written from the perspective of a person who daydreams all day about the one he’s in love with, but he still hasn’t told her his feelings. This song beautifully delves into the mental dilemma, shyness, and fears a lover might go through before taking the big step.
The song isn’t moody or gloomy as such but the ambient production (handled by Dhall himself) adds a tinge of uncertainty to the lover’s narrative. It’s bound to trigger the listener’s imagination on whether the lover would actually confess his feelings or not.

All in all, the song is a soothing entry in the ever-growing pantheon of Indian acoustic love ballads and might even sound relatable to a few of Dhall’s audiences. Even though he has proved his mettle in singing, production, mixing, and mastering as seen with his previous releases too, a slight change in his sonic style might be a welcome change to his usual discography.

Verdict: Pyaar Hai serves as a prologue to a blossoming romance, chronicling a lover’s cold feet before taking a big step.

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