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Raghav Meattle’s ‘Bekarar’ is the new anthem for lovelorn people with his distinct voice and smooth beats: Score Indie Reviews

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Raghav Meattle’s life is musically synched with everything he does in life, with being a singer-songwriter and musical business executive who envisions building a strong music community. His music was even featured in hit shows like Farzi and Rafta Rafta, to name a few, and has been sailing through the music scene with utmost ease. Giving more weightage to lyrics as they signify a journey in themselves, Raghav deliberately makes his music more lyrically rich. His new single ‘Bekarar’ is a song strung together by his distinctive voice and a simple beat sound that has an impactful persona in itself. 

The song’s best part is its lyrics that delve into the emotional quotient about a love that leaves you restless. The lyrics deal with the feeling that having your whole day can be influenced by one single person who can take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. As the lyrics go, “Kab se main bekarar, tera hai intezaar, Kab se main bekarar, lagta jaise yeh imtihaan”, which poignantly deals with the lesser talked about side of love. 

In terms of the music, the peppy beats, which feel easy to hear, are the perfect track to listen to on a road trip or perhaps to exemplify the feeling of a one-sided love. It is spot on. This song would be a great addition to a Netflix show about teenage love, full of trials, tribulations and revelations. 

Overall, this track shows the musical sensibility of Raghav, who is surely going to create more ripples in the music industry as he knows the confused and muddled feelings of this generation, and his song truly captures those emotions aptly to make this delightfully pleasant song. 

Verdict: Pleasant, Lyrical, Smooth

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