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A Musical Odyssey That is Strung on Orchestral Brilliance and Enhanced by the Pop Sensibility Making Rohan Solomon’s Album’ Strung Out to Dry’ A Cinematic Audial Experience: Score Indie Reviews

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When talent and innovation collide, a breakthrough album is created, which lays its foundation on unfolding in layers and simultaneously offering the listeners a unique audial experience. Such is the case with singer-songwriter and producer Rohan Solomon‘s latest album ‘Strung Out To Dry’. This album features an all-encompassing coordination of guitars, bass, piano and drums.  

The album alludes to the emotions, dreams and hopes of the protagonist, who has left his emotions bare and infused them with the album’s sensibility, which amalgamates the genres of pop and symphonic orchestra. Without the done and dusted tropes of music styles, often forgettable at their best, this album jumps out from the book and sticks to the listener’s imagination, making it a poignant work of art. 

Though the songs come as an easy, breezy listen, their beauty lies in their ability to make the listener visit them repeatedly. They were developed over four years. Devoid of lengthy lyrics, the songs use minimal words and phrases to invoke a heightened sense of emotion. 

Having completed a staggering two decades in the music industry, the New Delhi/New York-based artist has been bestowed in the Euro Indie Music Charts and World Indie Music Charts. He says, “This is special because it’s my 20th anniversary as a professional musician. I’m putting together something different and fresh with this album. It’s a double whammy, as it’s an orchestral-meets-concept album.” 

Each song is a journey and painted on a canvas with a multitude of emotional palettes. The album depicts a woven story that shows the artist’s evolution over time, beginning with the first track, ‘Overture’, which sets the tone for the album. Using the violins, cellos, brass, and woodwinds, this one instantly became my favourite. ‘Hear Your Call’ is also a noteworthy song, a classic rock ballad with thunderous violin strings. 

In ‘Set Me Free’, he explores the theme of a relationship not working and eventually finding freedom. ‘You Are History’, solemn at the beginning, concludes with an intense full-band crescendo depicting the culmination of a toxic relationship. 

‘Home’ can have different interpretations regarding finding a home or solace in times of turbulence. With ‘Here With You’ using the acoustic beats, he grapples with the loss of a friend who passed due to a drug overdose. Having been outspoken about mental health, he does the same with the song ‘Depression’.  

The album works wonders for people who want an enriching experience and seek to find different genres beautifully imbued into one. Though ‘Croatia’ is the flagship song, my favourite was ‘Hope’, an orchestral wonder. Rohan Solomon is truly a gifted musician and this album is his finest outing as an artist. 

Verdict: Orchestral, Symphonic, Stirring

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