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Raghav Meattle – Cold Cold Night: Score Indie Reviews

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Raghav Meattle is a singer-songwriter based out of Mumbai, India. He was the semifinalist of the second season of The Stage, India’s only English music reality show. With a lot of emphasis on lyrics and melody, ‘simple and catchy’ would be the best way to describe his music. He is also the head of Big Indie Bang. Backed by the label Big Bang Music, Big Indie Bang is an incubator for new artists to take their music beyond their core fans to new markets, platforms and eventually, change the definition of ‘commercial music’ in India.

“Cold Cold Night”, Raghav Meattle’s latest release, is a great representative of the current indie music scene in India, music of the highest calibre, guaranteed to brighten up your life.

There are many delights to be found throughout the track’s duration, and in its music video which boasts great camera work and two actors playing their roles with incredible chemistry. 

Raghav Meattle is one of the finest indie musicians currently performing in India and “Cold Cold Night” is yet another addition to his ever growing list of heartfelt tracks that you can’t help but love. It is musical, meaningful and definitely stands shoulder to shoulder with his other great releases. Recommended indeed.

Verdict: Very warm.

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