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Shitalchandra Kulkarni’s Latest Single ‘Move Your Big Butt’ is a Pure Delight as it Rightly Demonstrates his Expertise as a Guitarist: Score Indie Reviews

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Shitalchandra Kulkarni is a Pune-based artist who has spent over 30 years in the music industry with bands like bands like Tungztn (aka Tungsten) and Tallfathins. Besides being an accomplished musician, he is also a teacher heading the Institute of Modern Music, founded by his father. Having created popular albums like ‘Endless’, which got rave reviews for its creativity and musical arrangement, Shitalchandra is back with his latest single, ‘Move Your Big Butt’.

The 4-minute and 55-second track is a musical journey in itself as it traverses the path of some solid composition, which is not heavy on the ear but is actually a joyful ride with its own intricacies and layers. It starts with a smooth guitar riff that uses different techniques and parts of the guitar, and though it sounds quite conjoined, I’m sure it uses skills that were developed through years of expertise. This is where the beauty of this song lies. It can be used for guitar players to test their skills, as it is surely not an easy song to learn. 

It can be noted that as whimsical as the song’s name is, its artwork is equally amusing, with Shitalchandra posing with his electric guitar on the backdrop of an individual moving their hips in a squat. At first impression, I thought that the song would be whimsical in nature, but to my pleasant surprise, it is a stellar song whose similarity with its name is that it puts the listener in a joyful mood. The song is a great track for guitarists, especially those who would love it for the variety of techniques used. 

Verdict: Guitar, Instrumental, Joyful

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