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Prateek Gandhi – Judaai is Marvellous: Score Indie Reviews

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Prateek Gandhi is an experienced singer and composer with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. A man of many talents, Prateek Gandhi is skilled in social media, the music industry, entertainment, and guitar playing. He also has an engineering background with a diploma focused on sound engineering and electronic music production from SAE, Mumbai. The supremely talented Prateek Gandhi is back with his latest track “Judaai” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

After a few listens of “Judaai”, the thing that stands out the most is the interesting and contrasting sound design. It generally has a soft edge to it but Prateek Gandhi’s vocals and the folk-y Indian melody are definitely on the other end of the spectrum. This confluence of extremes makes Judaai a very interesting track to listen to. This isn’t quiet music for quiet times, but it isn’t an all out blast either, making it a song suited for just about every scenario.

The integration of folk melodies with an electronic and ambient music base is so deep and organic that you won’t even notice it immediately. You will find yourself getting immersed in the track’s sombre colours, perfect pacing and deft use of space. It is grand yet not bombastic, and like all great songs, it deserves multiple listens in order to thoroughly appreciate the different elements. At just over four and a half minutes long, that’s surely not too hard, even in this great age of distraction. 

“Judaai” a spacey, melodic, and delectable fusion of down-to-midtempo beats, Indian folk music and ambient flavours, spiced very well with Prateek Gandhi’s vocals. The genre of fusion music, while not totally mainstream, is still quite popular and there are some examples of fusion tracks in the style of “Judaai”, but relatively few are realised with such skill and poise. Give it a closed room or isolating headphones, you will be thoroughly rewarded.

Verdict: Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

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