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Prateek Gandhi ft Lakshya Kapoor’s Kahin Nai Jaana is a calming romantic ballad: Score Indie Reviews

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Kahin Nai Jaana is the new single by singer Lakshay Kapoor, with Prateek
serving as the music director. Unlike a ‘typically independent’ sound, the track evokes the feel of one of those slow-paced romantic ballads in Bollywood films, often sung by playback vocalists like Arijit Singh.

That’s not necessarily a drawback as the overall composition is increasingly soothing, bolstered with a catchy chorus. The lyrics by Aniket Shukla are poetic but could benefit from fresher themes of love. The singer crooning about the fact that he would stay with his lover through thick and thin, such dramatic confessions of love tend to get a bit dramatic and forced over time.

But Gandhi’s production still adds some diversity to the song’s general
sound. A cherry on the top is a soothing electric guitar outro towards the
third act of the song that goes well with the song’s mellow chorus. Kahin
Nai Jaana is also accompanied with a music video that is decent enough. It
goes down the same road as similar Hindi and Punjabi romantic songs
featuring two lovers in high-budget locations and flashy costumes.

Prateek Gandhi is slowly and steadily showing his versatility at handling different tones and sounds, as can be seen from the rest of his discography. This collaboration
only bears further testimony to this fact. Lakshay Kapoor himself delivers on his consistency, having sung similar love ballads in the past. While his vocals are on point in his latest single, it would still be interesting to see him put his skills to use on slightly more experimental themes and sounds.

Rating: Kahin Nai Jaana makes for an ambient and soulful love song.

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