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SHOR – Khoye Se Wins: Score Indie Reviews

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SHOR is an electro-pop project by Rohan Shetty, a producer – singer/songwriter, that is aimed to be an audio-visual experience. Through lyrics and an eclectic bevy of instrumentation in the tracks, SHOR aims to capture and express a surreal version of his thoughts. Though relatable, SHOR’s unique sound and musical experience are not limited to any particular genre.

The Live performance is a solo electro-pop set which is designed to be a mid to high tempo immersive experience for the listener to move and sing along through the set. Inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Kanye West and Lucky Ali, SHOR’s music is all about the vibe accompanied by meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies. SHOR’s most recent performance was at Zomato’s Music Festival ‘Zomaland’ alongside artists like Divine, Ritviz and Tanmay Bhatt. SHOR’s latest track “Khoye Se” has been released through Big Indie Bang, a platform for new-age artists and soundscapes, and that’s what we are reviewing here.

Let’s not mince words here. “Khoye Se” is a great example of experimental music breaking through the glass ceiling of inaccessibility. It is accessible and musical without losing its originality. It’s a stunning spectacle to witness. 

“Khoye Se” was inspired by Rohit Shetty’s observations on the drudgery of daily life – how we have all become prone to disconnecting with the world and slipping into auto-pilot. The sonic flavour of this song is a smorgasbord of different sounds which doesn’t allow for a single second of monotony. The clever social commentary is another plus. 

While the song is an absolute joy to listen to, it’s even more enjoyable to watch. The music video for “Khoye Se” features a very interesting set design, heart-warming animation, and fun choreography. Directed, edited and animated by past collaborator Sanjna Krishnan, the video’s story chronicles a couple’s journey from falling in love to getting married. The peace, tranquility and happiness of their lives are disturbed by the living embodiments of life’s chaos and stress. You will definitely discover new elements in the video the more you watch it. Your replay button is bound to be overused for some time. 

Musically, the poise of his performance and the deftness with which he adds layers to the track, shows that Rohit Shetty is at the top of his game on “Khoye Se”. This is inspired stuff, realized with impeccable craft. 

Verdict: Infinitely re-playable.

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