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Max Kate and Utsavi Jha’s Weekend brims with a lively “carpe diem energy”: Score Indie Reviews

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Carpe Diem. Popularised by the film Dead Poets Society, the Latin phrase roughly translates to “seize the day”, inspiring one to make a day truly their own. Of course, with the everyday hullabaloo of life, the weekend seems to be the only time when some can explore themselves and getaway from existential angst. Max Kate’s new single Weekend (featuring vocals from Utsavi Jha) caters to this purpose, imagining a story of two women just living it up with each other on the weekend.

Many songs have served as odes to weekends, so the lyrics might not strike off as having a different narrative. But still the heartwarming production by Kate and Jha’s playful vocals put Weekend in a familiar yet comforting territory. Further, even if the song implies people to live life to the fullest every now and then, it doesn’t set unrealistically high expectations.

Kate who also serves as the lyricist, does intend to show that we might not be able to avail such fun-filled memories every weekend, but it’s important to cherish when we do. As the artist puts it in his words, these getaways might be short-lived, but in the company of someone extraordinary, every moment desires to be lived forever.The instrumental arrangement is slow-paced, suiting the relaxed atmosphere that the song aims for.

Robin Singh Patial’s guitars play a major role in this, giving off the vibes of a lazy sunsets. Talking about sunsets, the music video accompanying the track is also pretty lively, documenting two women leisurely strolling on a beach. In the end, Weekend overcomes its familiar tropes with an easygoing mood and an equally free spirited vocal guest. 

Verdict: Just sit back, and relax. That’s how such songs should be enjoyed; as simple as that.

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