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Pragnya Wakhlu’s pop-rock ballad Akele Hi Sahi is an uplifting statement of self-love: Score Indie Reviews

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Right from its opening notes, Akele Hi Sahi echoes a nostalgic soft rock and pop-rock sound, automatically raising the listener’s spirits. The new single by Pragnya Wakhlu is a light-hearted, optimistic anthem about loving oneself rather than latching onto someone for having an emotional connection. 

Wakhlu’s vocals brim with confidence and certain merriment as she proclaims that she’s better off being alone. In a time where love songs dominate playlists (and have been dominating playlists since time immemorial), it’s good to hear a self-love song every once in a while. Akele Hi Sahi plays around emotions that are not that new, but the singer-songwriter adds a good-enough spin to it making it sound fresh.

Wakhlu also plays the rhythm guitar, while being supported by Shailendra Wakhlu on the lead guitar, Dan Thomas on drums, and Sonic Shori on the bass. The instrumentation is well-orchestrated and at the same time, its essence lies in its simplicity. Devoid of any sophisticated vocal layers or electronic beat breaks, Akele Hi Sahi would remind one of simpler times and good vibes.

The singer further describes the song as one that “will remind you of memories of campfire college jams and give you a hint of nostalgia.” Pragnya Wakhlu’s words do make sense as one can picture it as a tune from a college-like scenario when we are at the crossroads between naivety and maturity when we are learning more about our own true selves. 

So, if you need a song that would instantly cheer you up, Akele Hi Sahi seems like the perfect fit. It would not exercise your grey matter. Rather, it might just bring back some good, old memories.

Verdict: Akele Hi Sahi talks about an essential message of self-love, set against a cheerful melody.

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