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Britto Khangchian gives an uplifting twist to familiar themes with Dhundli: Score Indie Reviews

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Hailing from Manipur but based in Mumbai, singer, guitarist, and producer Britto Khangchian is mostly known as an active member of the Indian folk fusion band Kabir Cafe. He worked on a few solo projects himself, with the lockdown season of this year giving him enough confidence to publicly release his work. His single Dhundli is a result of this decision. 

Dhundli is a song perfectly suited for a coming-of-age story, be it with the uplifting music to the relatable lyrics. Khangchian’s song is from the perspective of an adolescent mind that undergoes several changes at several stages of life. The conflicts between the heart, mind, and soul are perfectly summed up in the song. Despite the adolescent theme, the lyrics are extremely universal and can be applied to anyone and everyone who’s lost their way at the crossroads of life. 

The poetry of the wordings aside, the song’s tone is upbeat and starts off with a typical acoustic aura. This slowly progresses to a more pop-rock style chorus, followed by a soothing instrumental interlude. The single allows Khangchian to fully display his guitaring. His vocals are perfectly suited for the country vibe too that he aims to achieve. His husky voice is calm and composed, while his words are crystal clear and directly touch listeners.
On the surface, one might think this song isn’t that special.

The Hindi lyrics with the themes of finding one’s way in life might have been explored before, especially with words like ‘udaan’ and ‘aasman’. The instrumentation is lovely but straightforward; some might expect a more sophisticated song that way. However, none of that matters, as Dhundli makes great use of its simplicity. Britto Khangchian still crafts a soulful set of verses, a catchy chorus, and a song that makes for easy listening. It’s bound to raise the spirits of its listeners. 

Verdict: Dhundli means fogginess, or a lack of clarity in this song’s context. But what’s clear is that Dhundli is an incredibly moving and cheery song. 

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