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Shreyas and Ace cook up a wavey vibe with SHAWTY: Score Indie Reviews

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Delhi’s hip-hop scene had been making transitions since last year, incorporating ‘chill’ and ‘wavey’ sounds more than ever before. Now, this year, the transition has increased with artists like D₹V and Lit Happu using auto-tune to their advantage. If used in the right way, auto-tune is no longer a gimmick, contrary to what many Indian listeners used to think. It can be very much used to enhance a voice towards new melodic heights. Shreyas’s new single SHAWTY bears testimony to this. 

With songs like his previous track Bhasad, Delhi-based Shreyas does boast of songwriting that can be extremely relatable for his demographic, especially the ones from Delhi. Shawty is a wavy rap song that mostly finds Shreyas ‘flexing’ about his skills in the studio, and his quest for earning more money and respect in the game. Featured guest rapper Ace too adds on familiar themes and tropes that one would commonly hear in the genres that evolved out of ‘Soundcloud rap’. At just 15 years of age, Ace does show great potential with his delivery, much like Shreyas himself who might just be the discovery of Delhi hip-hop in 2020. 

One need not listen to SHAWTY for the lyrics. As mentioned above, the lyrics touch upon themes that have been evoked by previous songs too. It’s just the vibe and the mood that both rappers set, that’s what makes the song weirdly catchy and melodic. For production, a beat by Ouhboy was used. While Ouhboy was known for his YouTube beats, he achieved viral success this year producing the global hit Skechers by Dripreport. The production is on-point and matches the tone of Shreyas and Ace’s drawly vocals.

Verdict: Shreyas and Ace echo the new wave of Indian hip-hop with their wavey track. 

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