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Onkar Tarkase’s Kaarwan is high on good vibes: Score Indie Reviews

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Produced and performed by Mumbai/Pune-based musician Onkar Tarkase, his latest single Kaarwan is an extremely vibey tune brimming with optimism right from its opening seconds. Unlike many other recent pop songs, Tarkase relies less on acoustic, stripped-down sounds. Instead, it emphasizes more on a groovy, dancey soundscape that turns the song into quite a remarkable feel-good, foot- tapping number.

Much like the song’s lyrics (written by Samsher Singh Beniyaaz and Ruby K Falak), Tarkase’s smooth vocals sound pretty cheerful. A special mention needs to go for his production that sounds like one of Daft Punk and Calvin Harris’s lighter dance tracks. Even the English parts in Kaarwan where the listeners hear the words ‘dancing my night away’ in a robotic tone, add more to the Daft Punk vibes when it comes to the background music.

Lyrically, Kaarwan is a simple yet heartfelt work with the singer looking at life with a positive outlook. He hopes to find something nice in the pages of his fate. And much like the singer, Kaarwan has the potential to cheer up its listeners too. The chorus in particular gives a much-needed positivity. And of course, if you find the lyrics to be too simplistic or derivative, Tarkase’s music makes up for it as mentioned before. This is one song that you can play on repeat to give a fresh start to your mornings.

Maybe somewhere down the line amidst all the mellowness and bittersweet
emotions that have been dominating recent indie releases, all of us need an
escapist anthem like Kaarwan. Several lockdown songs are being released
recently lamenting on the catastrophe that this year and the ongoing pandemic have been. In the face of a crisis of such proportions, a song like Kaarwan is almost therapeutic giving us a much-needed confidence boost to look beyond the troubled present and face the future that awaits us.

Verdict: A much-needed boost of positivity, adorned with fresh and ‘vibey’

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