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Ishan Rojindar’s vocals shine in an otherwise “typical” indie song called Parchhaiyan: Score Indie Reviews

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Parchhaiyan is a soulful track that might somehow remind listeners of a
standard Bollywood sufi song. With that being said, Parchhaiyan is a love song boosted with Ishan Rojindar’s flawless vocals, brimming with a certain sense of bittersweet mellowness that’s still very calming.

Apart from Western genres, Rojindar has been influenced by Hindustani
classical and ghazal genres. And this influence is very evident in his long, drawn-out, powerful voice that he fully utilises in his new single. Avinash
Gandhi’s lyrics are also beautifully penned adding to the poetic elements of
Rojindar’s vocal prowess. 

The song progresses smoothly till the very last minute and nowhere does
Ishan Rojindar’s voice falter or change its impact on the listeners. Hence,
while the production sounds simple and serene with some lovely slow-
paced tabla work, his vocal ability shines the most and sets Parchhaiyan
apart from other indie songs that find the singer musing and crooning on
similar themes.

However, while Rojindar is gifted with a heavenly voice that he uses to the
full extent, it would be interesting to see him experiment more in order to
really hook his audiences. After all, his verses in Parchhaiyan do tend to
sound a tad bit monotonous over time and the duration (almost five
minutes) does not really help either. It’s this factor that slightly decreases
the repeatability factor of the song. This is unfortunately what makes the
song sound slightly similar to other new age classical and Sufi-inspired

Perhaps for his future discography, Ishan Rojindar can try to be
experimental with more diverse and upbeat production and a lesser
duration. Using his classical style vocals for a sound that’s more than the
usual mellow indie sound might also work good enough to make him sound
different than his musical peers. 

And with a voice like his, Rojindar does yield the possibility of further
experimentation.  In the end, Parchhaiyan is a good song that can somehow be better and more catchy with a different approach. 

But by no means are Rojindar’s singing skills undermined. The singer does
seem to have a vibrant future for his voice can sound clear, calm, and
composed without any filter or vocal effects. And a song like Parchhaiyan
bears testimony to this fact.

Verdict: Parchhaiyan is a track with some calming production that’s further
“shadowed” by Ishan Rojindar’s flawless vocals.

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