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7 Young Music Producers That You Should Be Really Listening To

Music producers can effortlessly make you groove and feel the vibes. These artists infuse an air of awe and enjoyment in a breathtaking manner. For sure, they need to be given utmost acknowledgment for their tremendous pieces of art. In India, the scene of music producers is seeing a rise. Unlike a few years ago, music producers are now being recognized with much more appreciation in the country. There are various young artists who have turned into amazing music producers in a short span of time. Few of these producers have been mentioned below:


MALFNKTION is the brain-child of Aditya Alamuru, a Mumbai based music producer. He began this electronic project in the United States in 2012. While living there, he used to attend three to four open mics a week. This is where he collaborated with other artists and began learning the basics of music production. Soon, he returned to Mumbai and began his journey of creating original sounds which captured the essence of Indian culture. His debut EP ‘Hindustani Rascal’ was released in September 2015. This was featured on Apple Music, Buzzfeed, Reddit and Festival Sherpa. Later in December 2016, he released his second EP ‘Vote for Worms’.


  1. Fuzzy Logic

The mind behind Fuzzy Logic is Arfaaz Kagalwala, who began his musical adventure at the tender age of three. This music producer has been working professionally for the more than ten years now. Over the years, he has played for many rock/funk and electronica bands like Slow Down Clown, Galeej Gurus, Zebediah Plush, and Tempo Tantric. Currently, Arfaaz creates electronic music by the name; Fuzzy Logic. He is known for creating an interesting mix of house and base along with rich vocals.


  1. Big City Harmonics

This is a solo electronic project by Rohan Hastak, a former guitarist. He formed this project in 2013 and ever since then, he has been successfully creating a synergy of sampled elements and original compositions. Big City Harmonics is known for including hidden sounds and sweeping melodies in its music. This debut EP ‘FORWARD’ was much appreciated by the masses. This music producer is based out of Pune.


  1. Midland Sparks

Midland Sparks is helmed by Maitreya Rajurkar who showcases the freshest sounds of modern electronica. This music producer is known for creating a newfangled sound which is contemporary and has a beautiful blend with bass music. Midland Sparks is part of the indie dance outfit Jinn Chatter. Maitreya is also the co-founder of The Shelter, one of India’s premier gig nights.


  1. _RHL

Rahul Giri is the face behind the abstract electronic sounds of _RHL. This Bangaloru based producer is known for straddling hip-hop, electronica, footwork drum, and bass among others. He is also a part of the delectronica act ‘Sulk Station’.


  1. Sandunes

This electronic project is Sanaya Ardeshir’s brain-child, a former keyboardist. Her music is mid-tempo electronica which is often a crossover with glitch, IDM and downtempo. Sanaya played her first in Mumbai 2012 after completing a course in music production at Point Blank Music College in London. In 2012, she released her debut EP titled ‘Temper Tonic’.


  1. Kumail Hamid

Kumail Hamid is a music producer from Mumbai who has been experimenting with a variety of genres, over the years. Currently, his music can be classified under the ambiguous label of ‘electronic music’. This producer released his debut EP titled ‘Flashbulb Memories’ in 2015. Ever since then, there has been no stopping for this experimental artist.




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