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#BBC has cooked up the perfect love song to propose to your loved one with Easy To Say

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Chicago-based DJ of Indian origin, Achint Maniar’s (aka #BBC) latest
single is called Easy To Say. It’s a feel-good love song that makes for easy
listening. For Maniar, the song would hold a special place as he even used
it to propose to his girlfriend! And of course, she said yes. That should be
enough approval for you to check out the song.

Boosted by breezy vocals from Sam Prestwich, #BBC’s production is
neither too light-hearted nor too heavy. This is a fresh move as the song’s
structure is pretty simple. It doesn’t focus on any complicated variations
and that chopped vocals. Otherwise, several Indian DJs these days tend to
turn even their normal songs into sophisticated club mixes that might not
always be appealing to the years.

BBC on the other hand, strikes the perfect balance to make for a good new-age love song. Even the lyrics balance the tone with enough simplicity
to make a positive sounding ballad without being too cheesy.

It’s this overall simplicity to it that makes Easy To Say worth more than a
few listening sessions. There are no dramatic interludes to it but #BBC’s
smooth beat breaks give his audiences enough incentive to bob their heads
and feel the emotions that went behind making the song.

Sounding a tad bit similar to the usual electronica tropes in the independent scene, Easy To Say is by no means a trailblazer of a song. But still, the track boasts of the ability to stay stuck in your head, making it pretty catchy.

In fact, the feel-good vibes in it are so high that this song has the potential
to be used in aesthetic travel vlogs and slice of live videos that often make
use of such electronic tracks.

Verdict: It’s easy to say that #BBC has done a fine job at creating this
joyous electronic celebration of love.

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