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Null Friction’s Springtime Surprise

Null Friction may not be as active on the live music scene now, upended by hassles of ‘fixed life’, as they call it, but the music could never really get too far. So they are back, together again in a studio in Mumbai to record the follow-up to their hugely successful 2009 debut, Madras.

The album had propelled the band into the virtual big time, with it charting at the top of most music portals, including Reverbnation. Once Vasundhara Shankari’s delicately formulated stop-start video for the lead single Madras, which she made by stitching together photographs she’d taken of the band through a day, hit YouTube, it got even better.

On camera, they loiter and jam against the spontaneity of ‘Madras’, while singing about affections that die with time (‘She’ is Madras here, I’m guessing). It is a heartfelt video that shows constancy through times of constant reflux, as the day changes to night and the crowds scamper about, but the band and the walls they hang against remain the same.

[youtube_video id=IyqxFZ2x8jw]

The follow up to that bit of hallucination, then, will be released in March, says the official announcement. The teaser looks and sounds delicious; 37 seconds of clashing and superimposed lunar imagery and guitar tripping that sounds distinctly progressive.

[youtube_video id=nsRjQHrXKBs]

We hope they’ve extrapolated this spurt of brilliance to greater dimensions on the new album. We’ll have to wait to know. But oh, we will know. And when we do, so will you.

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