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Saarang 2012 :: Day 2 :: Taarang

Before Pro Show 1, the audience in the OAT (Open Air Theatre) got a taste of the cream of talent from the light music sphere. 


[youtube_video id=GyuY6jf6O9k]

Personally, I felt none of the bands were exceptional. They were very good but IIT is the kind of platform where prodigies and astonishing discoveries are made! None of that, but diversity existed in terms of regions participating. Swarga from BITS Goa, The Shaashtra College’s music team, Chennai based Mutthu Sandhu and IIT’s own Classical Kirkiri (which totally reminds me of Kurkure) were the fronrunners that evening.

[youtube_video id=KhqpPzX-i1M]

[youtube_video id=gpO0LC4YqKs]

The finals brought back memories of my own stint at Saarang. Part of a moronic band, we didn’t make it to the finals but I remember the competition even at the semi final level being cut throat. Going by the finalists who had made it, it was clear that music and musicality still thrive but there still isn’t enough innovation. None of these bands PWNED it.


Classica Kirkiri

Shaasthra Music Team

Sure Mutthu Sandhu as a ‘Tamil rock band’ concept wise were different but what about reworking covers that are less common or attempting challenging medleys or tapping different genres/influences? Unnikrishnan’s Ennavaley is a beautiful song but incredibly passé and overdone to the hilt. I’d love to see a light music act that stepped out of the comfort zone of age-old accepted ballads and brought something fresh to the table.

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