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Nikhil D’Souza x Raghav Meattle x Rajan Batra – Shades Of Grey: Score Indie Reviews

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Nikhil D’Souza, Raghav Meattle and Rajan Batra are big names in the indie music scene. Whenever a track features such a constellation of stars, everyone waits for the results with bated breath. That is the case with their latest release “Shades of Grey” as well. This is a new version of the original track released by Nikhil D’Souza almost a decade ago. Now that the backdrop of the track is out of the way, how is it? Let’s find out.

Do you like listening to good music? If your answer is “yes” or even “sometimes”, this is the track for you. It’s hard to imagine being upset listening to the track’s wonderful rhythms and soothing melodies, minimalist yet impactful beats, and fantastic vocals. The strong songwriting of “Shades Of Grey” is bolstered with its attractive finish and irrepressible sheen, taking the feel of anthemic pop and shifting it into a softer space that should appeal to just about every fan of the genre.

The groovy, soaring parts of the track are perfectly presented with immaculate sound production which never becomes sterile, and the nostalgic appeal of the original is thoroughly retained in this new iteration. Musically, the track features new elements to build up a healthy composition before opening up into a delicate, jewel-like melody that is sung wonderfully and bounces along with the rhythm. The music maintains a straightforward approach in its structure, and the idyllic sound production makes it easy to slip into the groove without any strong desire to leave.

“Shades of Grey” isn’t just another song, it’s an endearing piece of musical confectionery with a warm and inviting tone that stays clear of falling into the traps of generic pop songwriting.

Verdict: Various shades of excellent.

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