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Nida Siddiqui feat. Derric D’souza – Butterflies is Joyful: Score Indie Reviews

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Nida Siddiqui is an independent singer-songwriter based out of Pune. She has been performing music for the last three years. Nida Siddiqui’s inspirations range from Ella Fitzgerald to Coldplay. As an artist, Nida Siddiqui wishes to introduce her listeners to the subtleties of various genres while “keeping it simple”. Nida Siddiqui began writing her own music & uploading covers on YouTube as a hobby while she was in college.

Eventually, she decided to take a leap of faith and began performing her own music with her ukulele at open mics in the winter of 2017. During one of the open mics, she met the duo of Derric & Shaun and the three struck such a chord that they now compose music together. She wrote and released her debut single “And I’ll Love” in 2019 and it helped her gain quite a following of enthusiastic listeners. Now, she is back with her latest single, “Butterflies”, an uplifting, uptempo pop song with a bossa beat, jazz inspired chord progressions and a dreamy guitar solo by bandmate and co-artist on the track, Derric D’souza. Let’s find out more about the track.

Nida Siddiqui wrote “Butterflies” to express the feeling of “butterflies in the tummy” just at the thought of someone. We all know that feeling when we see that certain someone. We feel spellbound, out of breath, and our synapses overload with nervousness and excitement at the same time. “Butterflies” is a take on being secretly in love and enjoying every moment of it. 

The song starts with a nice and sweet acoustic guitar rhythm with Nida Siddiqui humming over it. The humming really does a good job of setting up the song’s atmosphere. After all, whenever we are in love, humming is something we subconsciously do. Then a simple and engaging drum beat kicks in which grabs you and carries you along throughout the song.

Nida Siddiqui starts singing her very joyful and tuneful melody over the musical arrangement and joy emanates from every single note that she hits. Her voice has a smoky, dreamy tone which is perfect to express the song’s subject matter. Her vocal performance is very expressive and emotionally honest with what her lyrics are trying to convey. The lyrics are extremely fun and relatable and you can feel her words ringing chords of nostalgia (or even an ongoing situation) in your heart. 

Musically, “less is more” is definitely the theme here and the arrangement does a great job of complementing Nida Siddiqui’s vocals. The music has not been arranged with an aim to stand out, it has been arranged to enhance the enjoyment factor of the song. The sweet guitar solo is perhaps a perfect sonic representation of your secret love’s presence pulling at your heart’s strings and creating a feel good buzz all over your body and mind. 

Even though “Butterflies” is not written on a particularly unique topic, it sounds quite distinct and original. Perhaps a testament to the fact that even though we all feel love, we always feel it in our own unique ways.

Verdict: Joyous, playful and fun.

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