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Antariksh – Jee Le Zara is Inspirational: Score Indie Reviews

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New Delhi based Antariksh is one of India’s top Hindi Rock bands. The band has been hailed by MTV as one of India’s best Hindi rock artists and is famous for fusing varying styles and genres with its brand of Hindi rock. The band currently consists of Varun Rajput (Vocals & Guitars), Joshua Peter (Keyboards & Vocals), Dan Thomas (Drums), and Shrikant Biswakarma (Guitars). The seeds of Antariksh were sown as a result of an experiment etched in desire.

During the early 2010s, vocalist, guitarist and founder Varun Rajput got together with his friends and former bandmates Mridul and GT to create music that bridges the gap between progressive rock and contemporary Hindi music. Antariksh was very keen on bringing their own, unique brand of progressive rock/metal to a wide variety of audiences without being restricted by language. Fast forward to 2020 and the band has fully embraced its multi-lingual tag as it continues to serve up some fresh and exciting Hindi rock. The band is back with its latest single “Jee Le Zara” and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“Jee Le Zara” has all the makings of a rousing anthem. It features catchy 90s alt rock style riffs embellished with some nice sounding leads that are layered with some atmospheric keys over a tight rhythm section. There is some unexpected dubstep thrown in between which somehow fits the song like a glove.

The highlight of the song is definitely the fist in the air chorus which can become the rallying cry of people who have kept their dreams on the backburner while being forced to do what the society “expects” them to do. Varun Rajput’s rallying cry of Jee Le Zara..kar manmaaniyan might become the soundtrack of people freeing themselves from the shackles of outdated traditions and customs. The song invites people to rise up from the swamp of insufferable traditions and carve their own path in life, unencumbered by the expectations of others. 

The music video of the song is a fantastic production which features five real life artists from across the country: Brigit Jose (Poet), Rebecca D’Costa (Hula Hoop Artist), Jia Singh (Wellness Consultant), Anveer Mehta (Skateboarder), and Anna Vyas (Dancer/Model). The video showcases their initial struggles and how they managed to overcome them and eventually carved their own paths. The song has also been dedicated to the loving memory of Varun Rajput’s recently deceased father. 

“Jee Le Zara” is definitely a song that carries enough fuel to light the fire in anyone’s belly and set them up on a mission to live their dreams.

Verdict: A stirring Hindi rock anthem.

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