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Indie Review: Trickster by Derric D’souza

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Derric D’souza’s Trickster sounds a bit like a folk ballad, and a bit like a
pop number. Whatever genre Trickster falls in, it’s definitely one of the
most feel-good Indie tracks in recent times.

Its bittersweet lyrics are deep and philosophical and yet they brim with
positivity, thanks to D’souza’s free and breezy vocals (even when he
croons lyrics like “Karma’s a b* that’s gonna bite you in the a“). The
song runs for five minutes straight but still captivates the listeners mood
with the storytelling ambience that the singer-songwriter paints.

Often the Indie genre in recent times is flooded with abstract concepts
on love and life. In that sense, Trickster is a breath of fresh air. Not only
is D’souza probably the story of a metaphorical trickster with a few tricks
up his sleeve, he’s also asking the listener honest questions on love and
life rather than just letting out his own thoughts. He describes the
vulnerability of human emotions and how we might end up playing
around with them. The guitaring that accompanies the vocals doesn’t
break any new ground but is smooth enough for an enriching musical

Verdict: Derric D’souza’s Trickster is no cheap trick but musical magic.

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