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Gulshan Jethwani’s Pyaar Hai Na is a soothing musical ode to universal romance: Score Indie Reviews

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‘A song from the space of love. Androgynous and anonymous. Making it a song for everyone.’ That’s how singer and musician Gulshan Jethwani describe his latest single and his words do ring true as Pyaar Hai Na is a
genuinely wholesome exploration of universal themes of romance. Often, we overthink about falling in love or commitment with a certain someone. In other moments, if it’s not us, it’s the society around us that contributes to the moral dilemmas. Jethwani takes a simple approach, urging his listeners to follow their heart sometimes, rather than relying on the brain always.

Such thoughts are perfectly encapsulated in the song’s melodious hook, which finds Gulshan Jethwani crooning, ‘Pyaar toh bas pyaar hai na’ (that would roughly translate to ‘Love is love after all’. The picturesque video functions as a montage of memories for a lesbian couple as they explore themselves and their love together.

The vocalist also arranged and composed the track. While his work makes for a simple, heartfelt melody and the concept might not have been totally out of the box, Gulshan Jethwani does succeed in conveying his feel-good messages and themes. The same can be said for the aforementioned music video by Unusual Indie Films. The emotional tropes in the video can be seen in other similar videos too but Pyaar Hai Na adds enough heart to the overall experience that it never comes off as being a cliched song.

Verdict: Pyaar Hai Na is a heartfelt ballad, aiming for an optimistic
approach towards love.

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