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Nalin Vinayak’s Silence On The Radio reunites him with Mayank Mittal for a comforting end-product: Score Indie Reviews

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A man of many talents, Nalin Vinayak turns producer for his follow-up single to Silverline, a track that made him join forces with KAPOW frontman Mayank Mittal. This new song, titled Silence On The Radio, yet again features Mittal as a guest vocalist and the combo seems to work yet again. Mittal, as is evident from previous work, has a versatile range that can suit a variety of genres.

While Vinayak opens the song with some ambient guitaring for over a minute, Mittal’s comforting, hushed down voice adds to the uplifting spirits of Silence On The Radio. And then by the second minute, Vinayak breaks down with a guitar solo, highlighting the funk-like feel of the entire track. Lyrically, the verses sound straight out of a post-apocalyptic setting, with the metaphor of “silence on the radio” sounding ominous and contrasting with the soothing funk sound.

While the lyrics are bound to draw in other interpretations too, Vinayak himself finds the song to document the trance-like state one’s favourite song puts one through.Aradhya Kurana and Manik Oswal join the team playing the bass and drums respectively. While Silverline felt more dramatic and orchestral in scale, Silence On The Radio is more sombre and comforting.

While Nalin Vinayak has even had an album (Fire) under his belt, one aspect that this new single proves is that he is thankfully not sticking to a particular soundscape. From progressive rock and Hindustani classical tones in his album to his current experimentation with funk-rock, Vinayak is taking some positive steps towards versatility. 

Verdict: A feel-good dose of ambient funk.

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