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Alexx ONell – Twenty Days: Score Indie Reviews

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Alexx ONell’s latest track “Twenty Days” features an abstract video, especially compared to the well structured video of his debut single “Still On My Mind”. This is Alexx ONell’s second on screen collaboration with actress Shama Sikander and now it’s the time to find out more about it.

“Twenty Days” is a beautifully layered composition that speaks of the hopes and fears familiar to anyone who has ever truly been in love and uncertain of whether to risk it all, or hold back. It is full of indecision and worry, light and love, and perhaps even a little optimism.

The listening experience of “Twenty Days” ranges from enjoyable to immensely rewarding, leaving the complete song with a high overall value. The sonic diversity is extremely commendable and thoroughly enjoyable.  

“Twenty Days” is a stellar release with some innovative and memorable moments. Alexx ONell builds on the already strong foundation of his stellar debut track “Still On My Mind”. This song is not a repetitive, copy-paste effort from an aspiring musician. It’s hard to just box it into a particular genre, it is something more important. It’s the work of an artist with a starkly individual vision of how he wants his music to sound, and what emotions he wants to convey through his music, without regard or consideration for meeting expectations or preconceived ideas. Bold strikes like these can often fall flat, however, we are happy to report that in “Twenty Days”, that’s not the case.

Despite the odd forgettable moments here and there, “Twenty Days” never loses its charm and retains the listener’s interest level throughout. Alexx ONell’s buoyant, highly melodic songwriting maintains its appeal throughout the entire running length. A few growing pains do little to nothing to diminish the enjoyment of an ambitious and well written song. 

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