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Nalin Vinayak and featured guests Mayank Mittal and Ayan Joe create a soulful progressive pop atmosphere with Silverline: Score Indie Reviews

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Delhi-based producer, guitarist, and composer Nalin Vinayak‘s latest single Silverline is a testament to not just his own talent, but also that of his collaborators both of whom are members of rising indie acts. Vocalist Mayank Mittal serves as the lead singer for New Delhi-based pop rock group Kapow. Meanwhile, Ayan Joe plays the bass for Kashmir-based Ramooz. 

The three artists weave together a leisurely-paced tune that lyrically traces the creative journey and experiences that Vinayak goes through as an artist. Mittal’s voice is soothing as usual showcasing his versatility. He starts off gently and then builds up to a dramatic finale adorned with his powerful backing vocals and a standout guitar solo by Vinayak. Joe on the other hands keeps the bass consistent in the entirety of the track while balancing the transitions, complementing well with the progressive pop mood of the production.

By its third act, the song does get catchy with an atmospheric outro that closes the experimental track. Overall, Silverline feels like a welcome form for Nalin Vinayak who released his debut album Fire only a few months back. The new single reveals his experimentation with different sounds and his focus on building a soundscape, an atmosphere rather than just a straightforward musical structure.

The high quality production aside, the lyrical aspects of the song are simple yet come from a place of honesty. The titular Silverline is an allegorical reinterpretation of every cloud having a silver lining. Vinayak believes that our paths often get obstructed with a dark cloud every now and then but there’s a silver lining behind them at times, turning these obstructions into new opportunities to grow. 

Verdict- Silverline is a soothing and poetic work unleashing the experimental side of Nalin Vinayak, along with his talented peers.

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