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A L R’s Reminiscing is a moving obituary to the ones we lost during the pandemic: Score Indie Reviews

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Reminiscing, as the title suggests is an introspective track. And this statement holds true given its context. Even though singer/songwriter Abhilash LR aka A L R wrote the song after his grandmother passed away, Reminiscing is universal in its nature serving as a tribute to everyone who lost their loved ones in the pandemic.

Reminiscing is his way of finding closure and celebrating the vivid and fond memories that he recounts. Noted guitarist Keba Jeremiah (who has appeared on several film soundtracks before) handles the guitar as well as the ukulele and bass-driven portions of the track. 

As A L R remembers walking with his grandmother, and listening to her telling him stories, it paints a pretty positive picture. Jeremiah’s relaxed strumming also adds to the meditative yet upbeat aura of the song. Hence, rather than just wallowing in the evident gloom, the singer tends to focus on the good times, hoping that his story resonates with others who would have similar memories with the close people in their life.

The slow-paced guitar and drumming is resonant of old-school soft rock ballads and this is particularly true as A L R soothingly stretches the word “reminiscing” in the chorus. 

Barring a fingerpicking interlude towards the end, the song’s structure is similar throughout but not at the expense of sounding monotonous. In the end, it’s a feel-good obituary of sorts that is bound to be heartwarming.

Verdict: A heartfelt, acoustic ode to the ones we lose, evoking themes of humanity and nostalgia.

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