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Mrinaal’s Har Kisi Ki Kahani is a positive soft rock anthem- Score Indie Reviews

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Har Kisi Ki Kahani is a song that talks about finding similarities in all our
differences. It’s a smooth soft rock anthem that finds singer/songwriter Mrinaal crooning about the common goals that we humans strive for in
terms of health, happiness, and ‘a peaceful submission of mortality’ as he calls it.

Shayne Ballantyne’s lead guitars and Joe Ferrao’s bass adds to the bluesy
groovy aura of the song that stays the same till the end but never gets monotonous. A catchy outro adds further to the fact that this song would
sound great in a live performance once normalcy returns for artists after the pandemic.

Talking about the pandemic, the video is shot in multiple locations and
features multiple phone videos from various people, a classic trope of all
recent lockdown videos. Even the VJ and actor Rannvijay Singh makes an
appearance in a few scenes.

All in all, the song is not that stand-out a single compared to many other
optimistic anthemic tracks that we have been listening to this lockdown
season. But still, Mrinaal’s vocals are smooth enough to sound soothing
and the overall ‘grooviness’ of the instrumentals still make the song worth

Verdict- High on positive, groovy emotions, Har Kisi Ki Kahani is a song
that celebrates the similarities in our differences.

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