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Srihari Jagannathan – Intezaar Reminds You of the Beach: Score Indie Reviews

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Srihari Jagannathan is a music producer and the frontman of the Chennai Street Band, a popular alt-pop band from the city. A soul searching road trip is what led to the foundations of his band. On his trip, Srihari Jagannathan journaled voraciously, filling up over 400 pages. His first album, Payanangal was born as a result of that.

Aside from writing and producing songs for his band, Srihari Jagannathan also writes songs that he keeps to himself as they are minimalistic and intimate. However, after keeping them personal for a very long time, Srihari Jagannathan has decided to work more on these songs and release them for everyone to enjoy via his solo project. The result of that process is the EP, “Intezaar”, and that’s what we will be reviewing here.

Recording the EP during the pandemic wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Srihari Jagannathan had to invest in a mini home studio in order to record the tracks. He also collaborated with other musicians who had some sort of home studios. Before he shifts his focus on Chennai Street Band’s next EP, Srihari Jagannathan is going to release another single, but before that arrives, let’s find out how “Intezaar” is.

The first track of the EP “Pon Nira Maalai” translates to “Golden Evening” and as the title suggests, it’s an ode to the golden glow of a beautiful evening. The ambient soundscape with the gently crashing waves and chirping birds suggests that it is more specifically an ode to the beautiful sunsets on sea beaches.

The song will make anyone long for a trip to the beach and watch the sun set as it bathes the entire world in gold before disappearing over the horizon.  Everything about the song is dripping with the shimmering beauty of a ravishing coastal sunset. Srihari Jagannathan’s rich and soothing voice is layered over an accompaniment of soothing and calming instruments which creates a great atmosphere. The sounds of the beach that have been digitally added to the track enhance the track’s ambiance.

The second track of the EP is also the title track and it continues the beach-y vibe of the EP. Srihari Jagannathan does a great job of transitioning from Tamil to Hindi and his voice flows like a river over the beautiful instrumentation. Props to Lavita Lobo for adding some beautiful harmonies to the track as well. Throughout the time you listen to “Intezaar”, you will hear the echoes of the beautiful landscape of the beach. The ambient synths and the choral sounds are very compelling and do a marvellous job of filling your heart with warmth and joy in the same way (well, almost) an evening at the beach does.

“Intezaar” is a wonderfully crafted EP that has the power to transport you to a glorious seascape. Give it the listening space it deserves, the rewards will follow. 

Verdict: The closest thing to hitting the beach.

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