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Raeyna’s Swarg Makes For A Meditative Listening Session: Score Indie Reviews

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Mellow guitaring and hushed down vocals make Raeyna’s new single Swarg live up to its title. The singer seems to be expressing a certain heavenly affection he feels for his beloved as he croons on a sombre beat.

The laidback tone of the song is bound to be of interest to listeners of indiepop vocalists like Anuv Jain. Even chillwave or lofi enthusiasts would find the song worth playing on repeat.But Swarg does get orchestral and a bit dramatic (for good) during the chorus, with Raeyna adding more layers of his background vocals.

The production is simple with smooth guitaring and fingerpicking but the aforementioned chorus vocals do make the song stand out from other similar sounding indie tunes on love and life. 

Verdict- A heavenly experiment that’s bound to calm you down.

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