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Raghav Meattle – Unicorn And The Sheep Is a Beautiful Ode to Love: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai based singer-songwriter, Raghav Meattle, describes his music as ‘vocal first’, with great attention paid to lyrics and melodies. The core of his music lies in the acoustic guitar, as that is how most of his songs are written. The prolific singer-songwriter is back with his single “Unicorn And The Sheep” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Unicorn And The Sheep” is dominated by gentle guitar strumming and beautifully layered vocals. The song talks about the special person in Raghav Meattle’s life who makes everything better and manages to do everything well in an almost superheroic manner. Raghav Meattle has infused the vocals with incredible softness and beauty. You can clearly hear that he wants to sing what he feels, without caring about who is listening. When you’ve got the unicorn for yourself, what else can ever draw your attention anyway. Halfway through the song, a short and sweet keyboard melody enters the fray and gently takes the melodic lead for a brief amount of time as the simple expression of love and devotion is recalled.

The song doesn’t drown you with a storm of notes. It’s more like a gentle drizzle where you can feel every single drop of rain bouncing off your skin. “Unicorn And The Sheep” is lush and full of life. It describes how you feel everything all at once when you’re with someone special, the person who brings out the best in you and one who you feel fortunate to have.

“Unicorn And The Sheep” is filled with simple guitar chords, sweet keyboards, and buttery vocal harmonies. Raghav Meattle’s vocal performance is perfect for the track. It wanders and gently pushes and pulls the melody through the fabric of the music, making us feel the emotional weight when required and gently driving home the feeling of intimacy through his words. 

Like all great things, “Unicorn And The Sheep” ends. But thankfully, we have the replay button. What a great invention that is! Put it to good use.

Verdict: Warm and tender.

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