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Quit Playin showcases morethanray’s confidence against a dark satisfying beat: Score Indie Reviews

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Rahul Singh aka morethanray‘s new single is titled Quit Playin. The track comes off his recent EP Wabi Sabi, a record that captures the singer’s various introspections and emotions. Quit Playin is similarly a darker, deeper look at one reworking oneself, rebuilding oneself from scratch. 
The rapper definitely carries an angsty and honest flow with his lyrics channeling his conviction of being real to himself. Such philosophical musings are a welcome change to the Indian diaspora’s hip-hop scene as some artists are indeed tried to break away from the trappings of generic ‘flex’ rapping. 

Now, morethanray too has his own fair share of dropping a few derivative bars like ‘dropping heads’ or mentions of being ‘boss’ or a ‘king’. But at the same time, with enough wordplay and sass, he manages to give his own sound to the song rather than making it cliched. ‘I don’t need the wasabi, green green in my wallet/ So when I win again, I’ll just say that I called it.’

Such lyrics are good enough and succeed at the song’s purpose at making the artist feel confident to face the world. The rapper isn’t telling his listeners that he’s overconfident or narcissistic. But Quit Playin does emphasize the need to have some sort of boldness to follow your purpose and live up to it. 

Of course, the production contributes a lot to the dark, morbid atmosphere of the song. Producer ICONYK creates a mysteriously contemplative yet upbeat charm to the track and definitely lives up to his ‘iconic’ name. 

Verdict: Oozing with strength and mettle, Quit Playin is a perfect track to ‘hype’ you up. 

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