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MojoJojo – Sone De (feat.Tyesha Kohli & Akshay Oberoi) is Super Cool: Score Indie Reviews

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Akshay Johar, better known as Mojojojo is one of India’s leading bass-heavy electronic music producers. Over the last few years, he has released consistently solid material which has established him as one of the leading figures of his field. Mojojojo’s global bass music has been described as punchy, driven, infectious, and danceable by many. He came up with the name Mojojojo because his nickname during school and college was Jojo and he strongly believes that he has some amount of mojo.

Ever since he finished school in 2008, Mojojojo has been playing music. As you might imagine, his preferred instrument was the bass guitar (though he did learn piano in junior high school). Mojojojo has played in several bands like Paradigm Shift, Barefaced Liar, Gravy Train, and The Doppler Effect. Now, the award winning music composer has released “Sone De”, the second single from his album AndarRarted and that’s what we are reviewing here.

“Sone De” was written in April, when the lockdown was at its peak. The track talks about Mojojojo’s battle with insomnia. It was a result of the anxiety he felt because of the loss of opportunity due to the lockdown. And as all great artists do, Mojojojo was also able to channel all those emotions into this extremely personal, enjoyable and laid back sounding number.

“Sone De”, with its decidedly chill vibe is bound to provide a calming and relaxing effect on any listener. It can definitely serve as a great getaway from the trials and tribulations of the world of lockdowns and quarantines. In other words, “Sone De” can serve as a panacea for all “2020-related anxieties”. 

When you listen to “Sone De”, you can clearly figure out that the song was written from a position of vulnerability and uncertainty. That plays a major role in giving the track its power to put all of its listeners at ease. When the grind of 2020 seems too much to bear, “Sone De” might just end up being the perfect pick-me-up song for everyone (yes we know that it sounds slightly strange considering the fact that the song is called “Sone De” but just trust us and listen to it).

Featured on the track are Mojojojo’s frequent collaborators and top notch vocalists Tyesha Kohli and Akshay Oberoi. Musically, the song is a delectable mix of Lo-Fi, Pop and Indian Folk, all of which are brewed into a perfect Mojojojo concoction. Drink up!

Verdict: Lofi pop gem.

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