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MojoJojo blends diverse worlds and much more in Duniya: Score Indie Reviews

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DJ MojoJojo has been rapidly dropping one EDM banger after the
another, fusing various Indian music styles with his electronic beat
drops. Duniya is no exception to this as this time, he fuses his futuristic
drop with Sufi-style vocals and classic Rajasthani folk instruments like
the morchang (mouth-harp).

The different styles fuse perfectly and Duniya hardly sounds uneven.
The track yields laidback vocals and a heavily catchy electronic interlude
that is bound to excite fans of artists like Nucleya. Duniya is the first
single off MojoJojo’s anticipated sophomore album AndarRated. The
punny title might imply that the artist is underrated but that shouldn’t be
the case if he continues releasing tracks like Duniya.

While Duniya’s fusion can be compared to a song by peers like the
aforementioned Nucleya or Mad Star Base, MojoJojo still attempts to
create his own niche making Duniya as original as it gets. There can be
comparisons with other Indian electronica but by no means is MojoJojo
aping anyone else. His sound is peppy, fresh, and has the X-factor to be
a trending dance track.

Verdict- MojoJojo has created a ‘duniya’ of his own that’s bound to hook
his listeners.

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