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Soham Mallick – Bookmark is a Great EP: Score Indie Reviews

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Soham Mallick is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been trained in the Hindustani Classical style of music from a very young age. Aside from his Hindustani Classical training, Soham Mallick is also obsessed with Rock n’ Roll, Blues, Funk and Western Pop music. This confluence of influences always shows in his work. Soham Mallick loves banging out Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple tunes while being equally at home when performing Rabbi Shergill and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan numbers.

Equally adept at singing in Hindi and English (even Bangla), Soham Mallick’s work evokes the feelings of longing, self introspection or even post apocalyptic love with equal simplicity and relatability. Soham Mallick is associated with multiple projects such as You-Turn, Moongphali and The Straight Outs. The talented New Delhi based artist has recently released an EP titled “Bookmark” and that’s what we are reviewing here.

The three track EP kicks off with “Fault”. The song challenges the negative connotations associated with the word “fault”. What most people view as the failings of an individual, Soham Mallick tries to portray it as an opportunity to learn and grow. “Fault” is a celebration of introspection and the will to change that drives us to become a better version of ourselves.

Musically, the track hearkens back to the alternative pop-rock sound of the 90s-2000s (a recurring theme throughout the EP). A simple acoustic guitar riff along with a steady drum beat gives the song its solid rhythmic structure. Layered on top of that are some beautiful guitar, piano and harmonica melodies. On top of everything, Soham Mallick’s soothing voice does an admirable job of driving the song’s message home.

Next up, the EP’s title track starts with a beautiful guitar lead on top of a beautiful piano tune which is the song’s backbone. It’s embellished with guitar flourishes and Soham Mallick’s emotive vocals, but it’s definitely the song’s most outstanding feature.

Through the medium of a stunning musical arrangement, comes the story of love gone sour. “Bookmark” tells the story of a person intent on sabotaging the relationship he is in. Poetically referred to as the ‘stain on his partner’s novel’, he is trying really hard to find a way out of the relationship. Press play and enjoy a ride through the landscape of the protagonist’s emotions.

The final track of the EP, “Petrichor” has a very Iris-esque intro (remember the 90s-2000s theme that we spoke about earlier?). Well, if you are inspired by a track that great, it’s very tough to not end up with a great sounding song. Yet again, the piano well and truly shines.

Yes, Soham Mallick is a great guitarist and he plays some refreshingly nostalgic riffs and leads on this tune but it’s the piano tune that forms the pulsating heart of the song. Soham Mallick is an excellent guitarist, but “Petrichor” proves that he is a great pianist as well.

Verdict: Packed with emotion.

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