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Lakshya Bhatnagar’s Sehem Gaye is more than your average love song: Score Indie Reviews

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Sung by Lakshya Bhatnagar and produced by Ankith Sinha, Sehem Gaye is an interesting take on the mellow side of love. Set in the backdrop of a soft rock-like composition, Bhatnagar’s voice perfectly captures the melancholia of his lyrics that (as the singer says) ‘retrospects unfulfilled relationships’ and the ‘what if we took the next step void behind them’.

In this manner, his lyrics do touch upon themes that are deeper than a generic love song in the indie pop and rock scenes. Rather than over-glorifying or romanticising any aspect of unrequited love, he tends to touch upon the more conflicting elements of a relationship instead. If the song was worded a tad bit differently, it might have ended up being pretty cliched. But Bhatnagar and Sinha’s collaboration yields interesting results.

Bhatnagar has come a long way from his singing competition days to originals and YouTube mashups. So, even in Sehem Gaye, his voice yields a certain freshness. There’s a certain sadness too for its lyrical nature but still, it doesn’t end up being too much of a crying sing-song tune. The song might not be suited for all moods but the vocals are good for a smooth listen now and then. 

Lastly, the singer can be quoted yet again to specify the particular demographic that this song aims for. To put it in his words, Sehem Gaye is ‘a necessary single for everyone who’s ever let the heart beat for someone absent in their life today.’

Verdict: Lakshya Bhatnagar’s Shem Gaye is a fresh and insightful look in the romantic genre. 

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