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Lakshya Bhatnagar’s ‘Zaroori’ is a beautiful ode to love

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Indie singer-songwriter Lakshya Bhatnagar, who goes simply by his
first name, will be touching one of the more finer chords with
audiences through his song ‘Zaroori’. A love song about longing and
desire, it is also an ode to the angst created in the hearts of lovers who
have to overcome the barriers for having a beautiful relationship.

A typical singer-songwriter effort, the song is built on a bed of
arpeggios played on an acoustic guitar. It is beautifully complimented
by a wistful violin which tugs at the strings of the heart. Throughout
the duration of the 4-minute long song, these two instruments share a
lovely camaraderie that is heart-melting. It is never overbearing nor
too less – just the right amount.

Lakshya brings to the fore how important it is to meet one’s lover and
spend precious moments with each other. When one does find his
better half, one shouldn’t leave her because the meeting of lovers is
like finding sparkling light in the midst of darkness. Then they can be
transported into those gardens where life is vibrant.

However, he hopes that distance does not creep up between the
lovers, nor should the relationship end. His voice brings out the
required emotions perfectly and honestly. It seems that he actually
feels these emotions rather than just treating it like a song which he
has to sing.

That is precisely why the song becomes personal and intimate. The
simple chords he chose for the song go with this wondrous and happy
vibe. So much so, that it is bound to leave the listener with a warm
feeling inside.

While such a beautiful composition has the professional glaze of
being from someone who has been dabbling with music for a really
long time, the Bangalore born singer-songwriter did not start off as a
musician. An engineer who worked in the IT world, he started his
musical career later and is now exploring a new type of sound.

Released by the label Up NXT Records, the song saw Lakshya handle
guitars, vocals and songwriting. He was backed by American
bluegrass and country musician Jenee Fleenor on the fiddle and Vicky
Hajeri on guitars. While Ronak Runwal recorded it, it was produced
by Ankith Sinha. The artwork was created by Yuvraj Bhatnagar. The
mixing was handled by Yash Singh Rathore while it was finally
mastered at Andre Castro Mastering in Portugal.

While ‘Zaroori’ does have a traditional singer-songwriter feel to it,
the last section of the song after the breath-taking violin solo changes
the entire mood! A whole arsenal of instruments like synthesizers,
drums, bass, guitars, more string instruments and what not join up
suddenly to explode in an orgasmic upheaval of musical expression
which turns the simple song into a grand celebration for a few
surprising moments.

Verdict: A simple song which becomes a grand celebration

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