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Cosmic Grooves’ 5 am Metamorphosis is as experimental as its title: Score Indie Reviews

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Producer Cosmic Grooves recently dropped his 8-track album 5 am Metamorphosis. In a nuanced collection of highly thematic songs, the title track plays out as the second-last song. While the album as a whole tries to express his mindset in the mellow hours of the night, 5 am Metamorphosis (the song) is a work of optimism, evoking a sense of hope after wave of cynicism, a light shining out of the darkness. 

Cosmic Grooves himself elaborates on using the metaphor of early sunrise to express such themes, and to show ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. A music video for the track also captures the artist walking and driving on empty roads, perfectly capturing the solitude of 5 am Metamorphosis. The song’s groovy tune is further highlighted with Anoushka Maskey‘s equally breezy vocals. The album is filled with several other philosophical songs that make for perfect night-time listening when one just needs to relax and take a breath. 

The opening track Midnight Monologue is easily one of the standout songs from the tracklist, along with the similarly ambient Memory Lane. Matters turn a bit darker, as songs like Ephemeral and Decent explore the more complicated nuances of the artist’s thought process, his fears, trials, and tribulations. Hence, the versatility in each song goes on to add to the album’s overall break from monotony. If these middle tracks weren’t dark enough, the one titled Auditory Moon Collapse delves into the more cynical territory as he delves deeper into the pit of darkness.

It only makes sense for the aforementioned title track to make its appearance after this, bringing back some optimism. This newfound positivity and motivation to get out of the pit is carried on by the finale, We’ll Meet Again. The song’s title is pretty self-explanatory as the album ends on an open-ended sound. Cosmic Grooves and his listeners fight their daily struggles and would indulge in fighting them away as a new sun rises. As the album ends, he bids adieu to the listener hoping that they would meet again…

It’s rare to see such long-form thematic angles that stick to their themes without beating around the bush or turning repetitive. Cosmic Grooves’ album might not have many Indian counterparts to compare too (maybe some influences of Dualist Inquiry-like artists can be seen). But overall, if soothing night-time artists like Kid Cudi and Tame Impala are regular guests on your Spotify playlists, then you should give 5 am Metamorphosis a shot. It’s raw, honest, and a different project on its own right, adorned with sounds and influences from lo-fi and dream pop. Cosmic Grooves’ instrumentals definitely paint a picture of their own. 

Verdict: The perfect kind of poetic, dreamy trip that one needs to calm down at night. 

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